Brigade - Sink
Album Review

Brigade – Sink, Sink, Swim / Stunning

Welly swinging riffs and a vocal echo, pounce and nimbleness to match that of Jared Leto’s (30 Seconds To Mars). Through ‘Sink, Sink, Swim’ British power/alt. rockers, Brigade do their bit for the forthcoming Olympic effort. If the UK can match the Americans such as Seether and Leto’s crew for emotive tug and ball-swinging rhythm, then showing them a fresh pair of heels in the 100 Metres will be a piece of cake.

A label pleasing, high school rock-out of the Hoobastank stylee is conjured up with ‘Stunning’, as churning up-tempo melody takes over and drummer, Andrew Kearton steps up a notch in prominence to produce pelting rhythm and a rattling atmospheric tilt.

This is a very radio friendly side to the band and Will Simpson’s high profiled, controlled forlornness on vocals helps them to pull it off.

Brigade could expand into the sort of band that you would have to listen to Smooth Radio in order to avoid them and, even that is no guarantee.

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