Thoms-Joseph & Murphy -
Live Review

Thoms-Joseph & Murphy –

Album-launch gig Friday 11th July, 2008 at View Two Gallery, Liverpool

I arrived almost breathless to catch a spare seat next to local artist, Tommy Everett, who was fittingly poised with pen and sketchbook in the cube of art-space at the top of the gallery building situated halfway up Mathew Street.

Who’s-who in musical/arty Liverpool acknowledged one another with smiles and nods while fans, friends and family of TJ & Murphy filled the room with excited chatter. Lighting was fixed to ambient for the ever-warm presence of Jeff Jepson (a local solo artist you should know well) who crept above chatter to open musical entertainment with a long set of his original classics. Jeff is a busy music man, well-heeded and respected. [link]

Thomas-Joseph & Murphy, two guitar vocalists serious and unpretentious in demeanour, arrived with simple intent to showcase their album. Song-writing, fine-tuning, rehearsals, collaborations and recordings were celebrated with a professionally packaged CD. Already promoted on local radio and in music store, Zavvi, this evening was to celebrate the process and to indulge a live audience with all tracks featured on their album, including accompaniment with violin and piano from Alison Campbell, and from bass guitar (aforementioned) Jeff Jepson.

Tommy sketched, a young lady took lots of photographs, everyone happily drank, the majority listened intently, and Thomas-Joseph and Murphy sang and played their guitars until the very end.
Altogether, it was a successful launch from a highly promising duo.

Leaving with CD in hand, my only thought was: I can’t wait to listen to this at home, tonight, in peace.

Album available now in Zavvi, Clayton Square, Liverpool, CDBABY online from Monday 21st July 2008, or from their manager:

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