Kick Box Riot - Seeing Ghosts
Album Review

Kick Box Riot – Seeing Ghosts

According to the sleeve for Kick Box Riot’s new EP, it is dedicated in memory of ‘Bonzo, Ieuan Murkin and Michael Evans’. Whoever and wherever they are, they must be very very pleased.

Seeing Ghosts is a triumph, blending the best bits of bands like Bloc Party and The Enemy whilst bringing something entirely original and fresh to the mix.

The Hitch-hiker is brilliant opener and it gets better from there, with melodic punk pop vying for position alongside hardcore, passionate vocals. ‘We got it all wrong’ asserts Mike Mansfield on the arresting and urgent We Are Nowhere.

But if the tracks on Seeing Ghosts are any indication of things to come, it seems that this band have done the exact opposite.

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