The Ruling Class - Flowers/ If You Wonder
Album Review

The Ruling Class – Flowers/ If You Wonder

‘Flowers’ is an awesome throw-back to late eighties Indie, when indie was fun and enjoyable. The familiar riffs and Stone Roses feeling to it make it such a wicked track to listen to. The psychedelic guitars are trance-like and you get wrapped up in the swirling repetitiveness of it all. It’s truly remarkable and the lead, Jonathan Sutcliffe’s, vocals draw you in urging you to listen to more.

The second track ‘If you Wonder’ is definitely a bit darker and with some buoyancy. It’s hard not to do the obvious comparisons with the Inspiral Carpets and Sutcliffe’s vocals are reminiscent of Ian Brown, but it’s refreshing to hear good music re-hashed as we sure have had a lot of awful music mimicked in the last 15 years. Tomas Kubowicz’s guitar solos are epic and really bring some quality to the track. If this is their debut, then they are destined for success when the album is finally released. At last, some good music. It’s been a while.

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