The Electric Circus Band - A Portait of Curious Characters
Album Review

The Electric Circus Band – A Portait of Curious Characters

Prepare yourselves for the indie blast we have been waiting for. Mixing sweet with sour, this bands psychadelic sounds have brought the scene to another level. The album has a circus based aura, with deep somewhat mystical vocals.
‘The 115th Nightmare’ is identified as the favourite among friends, with a catchy rhythm and a perfect tempo throughout screaming brilliance.

The album seems somewhat a taster of what’s to come, and the excellence of such young musicians is extraordinary. A budding set of kids, and no clowning around, this band could become our next moment of mayhem. With popularity from those such as The Courteeners, it’s hard not to praise such a well-thought album. If racing to the top of an Indie chart is their ticket, they’ve picked the gold one. With a vintage touch,yet up-beat sound, this band opens it’s own new scene, and I will be proven right given a few months. Good luck guys!

The Band next play Manchester’s Joshua Brooks on 9th August and I for one will definitely be attending this one…seriously, this band are one to keep your eyes and ears open for, they’re heading up top. Spiffing.

Keep tuned for tickets available on glasswerk….

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