Stereolab - Chemical Chords
Album Review

Stereolab – Chemical Chords

Anyone unfamiliar with Stereolab can get a clue as to just what kind of outfit they are, solely from the song titles on their latest and eleventh (cruelly and teasingly edited promo, cheers 4AD, I thought we were buddies too!) ‘Chemical Chords’ LP. ‘Neon Beanbag’, ‘Cellulose Sunshine’, ‘Daisy Click Clack’ and ‘Vortical Phonotheque’ are just a few from the many quirky song names presented in order to intrigue and attract. What do they sound like you might well ask, well…?

The trademark Stereolab sound is predictably and thankfully present, as obviously was their collective lust filled, precision hungry ear which truly shines throughout here with every tightly chopped lopped and dropped processed beat, string, key, brass blast or vocal found throughout this pop LP. It’s not too far removed from the Stereolab we all fell for oh so many a year ago and what’s really highlighted by this offering is the reassuring fact that their focus and somewhat obsessive work ethic is as true and alive today as it ever was.

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