International Trust - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Album Review

International Trust – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Vitriolic protest punk is gushed out with stammering vocal impact by the opinionated Neil Hanson, as he the harnesses rough rhythm, digital slanting and drilling percussion to produce a party push, a protest nude and some old fashioned punk grit.‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’, slows down old fashioned punk in order to drill home their bemusement about the bemused mind. International Trust can use this scatty, but piercing single to run home their rustic and self-sure edge.

‘There’s No I International Trust’, will have you dusting of those old Sham 69 vinyls or stealing someone-else’s should you not have any. They might be a world away in terms of football at the moment, but in the punk stakes, International Trust are helping Leeds rival Manchester.

Especially in ‘Bruce Lee’, whereby they match the snazzy, big-sound of underground Manc’ outfit The Fractions. British punk is showing more life these days.
Rating; 3.5/5

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