Liam Finn - King Tut's Wah Wah Hut
Live Review

Liam Finn – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, London

Liam Finn has been causing quite a stir since he landed in the UK all the way from New Zealand, joining London based record label Transgressive Records. He is one of those artists that has managed to gain himself some extra coverage on the account of having a famous father. Neil Finn is the face voice and guitar half of Crowded House. With so many little rich kids parading themselves all over our air waves, television sets and taking up valuable text in papers and magazines (obviously I’m not including Heat magazine in that category) it would be easy to disregard Liam Finn entirely. However there is no comparing him to Peaches, Kimberly, Jade or Calumn, he is in fact, genuinely talented and I don’t mean at pouting.

Along with his partner in crime Eliza Jane they take to the King Tut’s stage with a degree of excitement and anticipation. This is (apparently) the best turn out they’ve had on the tour and it’s also the last date. This tour is in aid of his latest album ‘I’ll Be Lightening’, which has granted him access on Jools Holland and winning record of the week on BBC 6 Muisc. The album is brilliant but it doesn’t really seem to skim the service of what Liam Finn is really capable of, it’s playing live that you really get his full potential.

‘Remember Me’ is a perfect showcase of his partner Eliza Jane’s vocal techniques. She sings with a sense of serious yearning, climaxing with screams of desperation making you feel like she really wants to be remembered. Finn jumps from jaunty, electric guitars before going hell for leather on the drums causing the crowd to get the most excited they’ve been all night.

‘Energy Spent’ captures some beautiful lyrics that you perhaps wouldn’t expect in such a ramshackle and manic set. “Stuck in traffic, lost in memories” holds genuine feeling and despondency. With the wonderful addition of the cow bell and marraccas Eliza Jane really proves her worth with perfectly timed percussion and soaring vocals. Finn descends into madness with hints of prog rock, playing with his whole heart and seemingly body as he thrashes wildly at the drums.

I knew that I was going to be impressed with Liam Finn’s performance, I just wasn’t aware how impressed I’d be and not just with him. Eliza Jane was marvellous she complements him perfectly. These two people don’t need anyone else but themselves, perfect matrimony without the matrimony.

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