Jon Redfern - Play Of Fear
Album Review

Jon Redfern – Play Of Fear

Like a lot of artists out there with a bit of integrity, Jon Redfern isn’t too interested in the limelight, but does have issues that he’d like to pour his heart, soul and thoughts into.

The trouble is that through a medium such as music it does invite a certain level of hypocrisy when putting your music out there. It is a form of attention seeking, so therfore starts to break down the walls of what is popularity. Meaningful, Thought Provoking? Maybe. But if it were Easy, sassy, dumb and a carbon copy it still wouldn’t make it any different in the face of what is after all a music industry business.

So Jon Redfern can have all the integrity he wants, but it’s never a good idea for any artist to claim to be anti-establishment whilst using it. Much better to just coast along with those sweet tunes he has conjured.

The song itself seems to be quite an upbeat number. His voice recalling a livelier version of Vast’s Jon Crosby; Another artist with alot of intergrity to his work. The second track is a much more sombre and brooding work with pace.

Redfern has a great talent here that judging by even the B-Side is not being wasted by any measures.

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