We The Kings – We The Kings

Rollicking High School rock/pop punk that filters in a yearning emo kick, is a formula that is going to be used more often than that of D-list celebrities and reality T.V. shows. Early on, in this self-titled full-length, with ‘Secret Valentine’ and ‘Check Yes Juliet’, a lazy melody hammock is lulled into, but just when you’re about to say;

“Save your self-centred pitying for the school counsellor.”

‘Stay Young’ saves the day. A more textured guitar led approach and earnest, pleading vocals swing toward the impact of +44, suggesting that this Travis Clark led, Florida quartet has the ability to grow into a serious and searching band. Something that modern rock seems to need at the moment.

A stumbling vocal approach gives the power ballad, ‘August Is Over’ some heart and belief. There does seem to be a trickle of sincerity that runs through this album, mainly through the genuine touch of Clark.

He does seem to be singing out of a need to reconcile his thoughts rather than to cram the market with another hook laden offering. A Saves the Day bolt attaches longingly to ‘Don’t Speak Liar’, as cynicism spews out and a harder edge is beginning to be unveiled.

A piano filtered slow-burner ‘This Is Our Town’, sees the vocals adopt a more supple stance to eschew low-key defiance, before flying off into a crescendo of bending riffs and thrusting percussion. This is essentially a teaser, giving a hint as to what We The Kings might be capable of.

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