Kings Of Leon 'Home Movies'

From September 1st Kings of Leon will release a unique series of intimate and revealing 'Home Movies' daily during the month of September via link in the run up to the release of their highly anticipated fourth album 'Only By The Night', which hits stores on September 22nd.

Across these 23 webisodes, you will be transported directly into the uncensored world of KOL; as they welcome viewers/fans into the studio during the recording and conception of 'Only By The Night'. They include behind the scenes footage at the video shoot for 'Sex On Fire', jokes & arguments, life on the road with KOL, even a sing-a-long with their mother and many other precious fly on the wall moments from over the past year. During the month you will also be introduced to their family, meeting their aunts, uncles, parents, and of course their Grandfather Leon along the way.

In addition, the home movie footage has been used to help create a music video for the track 'Crawl' and each person that buys the deluxe version of the album (pre-order & post street date) on iTunes will receive this video upon release.

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