Sound of Guns - Demo - The Architects
Album Review

Sound of Guns – Demo – The Architects

Sound of Guns are causing a right old storm in Liverpool at the moment. Freshly formed from an amalgamation of previous Liverpool bands Freemaker, The Vagabonds and The Veras, the band have been born with a fresh raucous sound ready to take on the world.

On first listen to the band’s premiere demo it is clear the Sound of Guns are ready for war.

Opening track The Architects is a sure fire hit in the making. Fresh piercing guitars pound away with massive vocals declaring ‘We are the architects’ bringing a similar feel to bands like The Walkmen and Interpol, epic and powerful.

Alcatraz settles in well, drum beats starting like The Killers but warping guitar lines and impressive beats boom into the sky. After a couple of listens it is certainly apparent the song will be anthem.

My Asylum shows off the band’s diversity with the vocals on this track start to ring similar to the La’s the true Liverpool sound of grit then turning into a Primal Scream fest.

Rack & Ruin is libertine esq garage rock track that belts out. The band show how tight nit they are on this track and is lyrically one of the best on the demo with sing a long ‘It’s all to rack and ruin anyway’.

An immense rock band in the making!

The band have already played some impressive shows including the Pilton Village party Glastonbury

You can catch them live in Liverpool next on
September 17th @ The New Picket with The Rascals

It’s a huge thumbs up from glasswerk! Sound of Guns is heading for Warfare in a town near you soon!

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