Glasvegas - Barfly
Live Review

Glasvegas – Barfly, Liverpool

With Johnny Clash hairstyles and clad head to toe in black Glasvegas took to the stage at Liverpool’s Barfly. At that point there was no shadow of a doubt it had been worth the wait. Glasvegas are definitely one of those bands that you have to see live.

Nothing about their set was subtle; the lighting at times was blinding which was in complete contrast to the darkness of the stage. Glasvegas have a very dark brooding look about them, I’m also a hundred percent sure there was a noose hanging from the stage. The band were all dressed in their trademark black clothing with lead singer James Allan keeping his sunnies on the whole way through the set. Behind the band there was a screen playing videos, the imagery was random it was in black and white and had a gothic feel to it. One video had a couple ballroom dancing, yet the most striking image was the huge spiral staircase which looked like you were free falling down the middle of it .

The thing about Glasvegas is they have a style, and they could easily be filling bigger venues -Barfly was absolutely heaving (a couple of people took to a bit of crowd surfing) and the imagery would suit a bigger venue too. Drummer Caroline Mckay, stands up while she is drumming and has this really stylistic robotic way of drumming which is really quite striking. Along with all this they have some great tunes, Geraldine, Daddy’s Gone, It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry were all there. But the best was saved for last, a cover of The Ronettes ‘Be My Baby’, it was such a good cover it actually sounded like it was their own song. Also the fact that they don’t lose their accents when they sing is great bringing a different edge to their music.

Glasvegas are touring again during November and December so if you didn’t see them this time around don’t miss out a second time.

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