Penguins! @ This Feeling Club

Mega super club This Feeling is back this month with a hot night in London on 26th and a new launch in Manchester.

TF London 26th September @ Parker McMillan, London £6 this week only / £8 adv / £10 door

They've got Zak Starkey’s new band Penguins! playing. Now, not only is Zak the best drummer in the world and we’d pay money to purely to watch him hit drum skin (did anyone see Zak at Glasto 2 years ago? Wow!), but his band are pretty damned mega.

We’ve also got Scotland’s best new band Sergeant, who have been described as the new La’s. That’s great news seeing as Lee Mavers has been sat in his boxers for the last 15 years.

The Fins and Strawhouses, both with singles out, also showcase their talents. + Blue Jupiters You’ll also be able to win promo goodies provided by Shoot Music and watch an exclusive advance screening of The Clash “live” at Shea Stadium DVD.

Cheap adv tickets link

Manchester 27th September @ MOHO, Manchester £6adv / £8 door

Zak’s Penguins! and Sergeant are playing the debut TF in Manc. We’ve also got another ex Oasis man in the mix and a Stone Rose too…The Vortex have Bonehead and The Logicals feature Aziz. Room 2 features Tom Hingley of Inspiral Carpets and they’ll be plenty more going on. Adv tickets link

In the words of Mr Jonns – BOSH!

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