Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland Releases Covers Album

Wes Borland, the chameleonic lead guitarist for Limp Bizkit, has already sold over 30 million records world-wide. For his next trick, he’s putting on the guise of frontman, leading both a studio and live supergroup to even darker depths as Black Light Burns; and the new look suits him well. The band (completed by Sean Felterman, Marshall Kilpatrick and Nick Annis) is a natural progression of everything that Borland set out to do with Limp Bizkit – it retains all the grit, passion and anger that made the band so popular in the late nineties.

Cover Your Heart is a covers record, the sound of a group of musicians in homage to the bands and artists that have inspired them throughout their careers. It contains covers by the likes of Duran Duran, Sisters of Mercy and even PJ Harvey, and it aims to offer fans a unique insight into Borland’s own musical taste. Produced by Borland himself, each song comes with its own BLB twist and truly opens the door between fan and band. Cover Your Heart is playful, but retains unquestionable levels of cool and relevance.

Speaking of the record, Borland says: “We made Cover Your Heart for fun and to pay homage to our heroes by spreading their songs to our fans. This album was made completely out of love for music and love for art. It’s for us and it’s for you. It’s for people who are already familiar with the artists, but mostly people who are not. If you like our versions of these songs, there’s a great chance you’ll love theirs. These are just a few of the bricks that built our house”.

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