Lana - Don't Call Me Baby
Album Review

Lana – Don’t Call Me Baby

Apparently on a quest to ‘make jazz sexy again’. Not sure about that. This song starts off with South American and Latin style horn playing, followed by a rolling rhythm played out on guitar. It’s a good tempo, and quite catchy.

Lyrically the song is based around a set of derogatory terms, as the title suggests. Nothing deep, just more of a position of independence. On this song Lana sound somewhere between Amy Whinehouse and Lilly Allen. Make of that what you will.

It’s a good single. Not typical of Lana’s abilities I would suggest though. The second song on the single suggests a soulful voice that is a lot more capable than the made for radio feel of this release, and I hope it’s that side of her talent that is pushed further. Good song all the same.

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