Rosabella Gregory – Everything Comes Together

Rosabella Gregory’s PR seem to want to point out the fact that she comes from an Egyptian/Indian Heritage and yet grew up in South Devon and has heavy influences in Beethoven and Joni Mitchell. This is meant to be some sort of cultural shock for listeners, which doesn’t say much for an audience they may have targeted. The rest of us in London might be a little more interested to hear about the music. But luckily for her it speaks for itself.

I personally couldn’t care less about her origins. If the music sounds good and there is a passion there then it’s all good in my book. And thoughtful it all is. Heavilly lead by a rambling piano. Her slightly croaking voice has its own charms. The easy Jazz feel is easy to injest and like. It’s a debut that is worth the listen and maybe will even make for a quite lovely live set piece. But it is still a beginning. Where Gregory goes from here can certainly only be onwards an upward. Then she can start to redefine the areas she works best in.

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