Weezer - Troublemaker
Album Review

Weezer – Troublemaker

“Troublemaker” is taken from “Weezer (The Red Album)”. Like many songs by Weezer, there’s a simple hook in the music that make them fodder for cover bands, and this single is no different. That’s not a slight on the song at all, as it’s an approach that seems to work for the band, so more power to their elbow.

This song comes across as being autobiographical, with Rivers Cuomo taking a slightly satirical look at himself, and the environment in which he maybe has and does find himself in. It’s this harmless self-effacing nature that ironically makes the band a draw, and this single will no doubt be as well listened to as Pork and Beans was.

“I’m a trouble maker, never been a faker, doing things my own way, and never giving up” starts the chorus. It’s not a bad mantra.

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