Lovvers - Think
Album Review

Lovvers – Think

In this fast-paced existence that we’re all being told we live in these days, albums such as this might be the future of music. Finishing just under the thirteen minute mark, ‘Think’, the album from Lovvers, is unlikely to have you reaching for the ‘skip’ button because you get bored of a track halfway through.

Sounding like it was recorded in Auntie Deirdre’s back bedroom, this isn’t an album that can be accused of being overly produced. Nor is it one you could use to set the mood at a dinner party. But the likelihood of a Lovvers fan holding a dinner party is so slim that it’s not a criticism anyway.

Instead, the seven pieces of music on this album are raw, passionate and give a pretty good rendition of what people can expect from a Lovvers live shows.

Halfway through though (that’s a mere six minutes in), the tracks do seem to blend into one, with each song becoming indistinguishable from the next, resulting in what seems like one long piece of music. However, when stood alone, each track takes you back to a time when it was ok to jump around drunk without fear that you were too old to do so; it’s fun and musically accomplished.

The album itself probably won’t change your life, but it’s one that you’ll be able to listen to quickly, get sweaty with easily and harass the neighbours with to your heart’s content. Go on, dare ya.

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