David Vandervelde – Waiting For The Sunrise

‘Waiting for the Sunrise’ is the new album by Nashville native David Vandervelde.

Straight off the bat, this album has a distinctly early 70’s feel about it, from the album cover work, to the sweet sounds of the album opener “I will be fine’. There’s a hint of George Harrison and occasional Neil Young in the vocal styling, and a somewhat Californian vibe that is contrary to the New York apartment it was mainly written in.

This vibe continues with other album tracks like ‘Cryin’ Like the Rain’, ‘Old Turns’ and ‘California Breezes’, which in particular has a vocal style which is similar to another contemporary that has just been spinning in my stereo, Liam Finn.

‘Lyin’ In Bed’ marks a slightly heavier facet to the album. With the song coming in at over six minutes, it manages to maintain interest, which is to its credit. There’s a particular passion to the vocal that is maybe missing from the other album tracks, and it has moments of anthemic feel to its arrangement, and a Bowie-esque rendering of vocals.

I’m still not sure what to make of this album, I enjoy it and am confused by it in equal measures. 35 years ago, I expect it would have fitted right in, but whether it does now, I’m just not sure.

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