Frankmusik – 3 Little Words

‘Frankmusik’ follows hot on the heels of current trends of incorporating 80’s influences into a contemporary format a la ‘Mystery Jets’ and ‘The Killers’. It should be noted that it is no accident that I have mentioned this new and exciting act in the same sentence as two of the most innovative acts around today as on the strength of this debut EP you really are left with a feeling that it wont be too long before London based Vincent Frank (mastermind of Frankmusic) is competing with the big boys.

This is slick, well rounded and innovative music, and what’s more it’s weird, individual and quite unlike anything else you’re likely to hear on the market today. Frank possesses the charm and charisma of Mika, but with an ambiguity and a swooning eccentricity that means not only are these killer dance floor anthems that you can expect to take the indie clubs by storm, but they also wouldn’t sound out of place in the top 10 singles chart.

Lead track ‘3 Little Words’ is ridiculously catchy pop anthem with falsetto vocals over some screechy electro noise that will appeal to almost anyone with an ear for a good tune. ‘Better Off as Two’ is another effortless example of a dance floor classic, whilst with ‘Run Away From Trouble’ Frank demonstrates that he is equally at home writing somber heartfelt anthems, but never veering too far away from his electro noise background.

With music like this everyone is a winner, its gorgeous hooks are impossible to ignore but what’s more Frank has the DIY credentials to ensure he doesn’t ‘sell out’ in the ethical sense. Expect big things from this South London electronic maestro.

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