Rihanna Issues Statement

There's been a mixed response to the publication of that image of a bruised Rihanna, initially on celebrity website TMZ.com.

As LA police announced it was investigating how the picture, seemingly taken after the pop star was beaten up by her now ex boyfriend Chris Brown, was leaked to the press, and as the photo was reprinted by media around the world, some expressed the opinion that those publishing it were guilty of a gross invasion of Rihanna's privacy. Some of the most vocal criticism came from domestic violence campaigners in the US, though there wasn't consensus in that community either. Some campaigners thought the image might make people take both this story and domestic abuse in general more seriously.

The publication of the image motivated rapper and TV host Xzhibit to Twitter about the whole affair, and to make the somewhat predictable link between Brown and the late Ike Turner, whose musical achievements were invariably overshadowed in the public consciousness by the allegations he abused Tina Turner during their marriage.

Elsewhere, as the photo story broke, the first official statement from the Rihanna camp regarding the Brown altercation was issued to the press. Saying very little, the statement read thus: “At the request of the authorities, Rihanna is not commenting about the incident involving Chris Brown. She wants to assure her fans that she remains strong, is doing well, and deeply appreciates the outpouring of support she has received during this difficult time”.

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