Me My Head 'Night Is On Fire' Video

Formed out of a union born of hope and belief in one another, the 5 heads met through mothers and fathers, mixed up recordings, mutual friends, enemies and lovers.

James, a solid punk bass god. He broods in the darkest shadows of the stage, watching all. Dave, the lamenting guitarist. The first boy born on Mars. Melodies form upon his whistling lips. Fervid vocalist Charlie, a blinding frontman with immaculate vocals. He's living proof that confidence beats arrogance hands down. Jonny, a rare ferocious drum beast who keeps time better than a time machine. The storm before the storm, he comes down on those drums like a ton of bricks. Dystopia obsessed synthesist, Ashley. The worlds most beautiful geek. He ties the band together very nicely with his warm soul and sharp shooting keyboards.

From this came a sound hungry for big stages, echoing elements of new wave romantics, lonely space travellers, love lost, ice cold pop and the thunder of a house falling down.

“This band contains a deep vein of tragedy through which the darkest black blood is being pumped, by an ever malfunctioning heart…. it's a beautiful thing to witness.”

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