JD Fortune Revises INXS Departure

JD Fortune has revised his version of events regarding his firing from INXS.

As previously reported, Canadian Fortune, who won the frontman role in the Aussie band via that 'Rock Star INXS' TV show, said in a recent interview that he was fired from the group during a conversation with his bandmates at an airport in Hong Kong. The band denied the claims, saying that they had planned to get back in touch with Fortune about future projects, even though the contract that he won on the TV show was only for one album and one tour.

In a new interview with Sun Media in Canada, Fortune says: “That was sort of a misquote [on my part]. It was the proverbial handshake. Nobody really said, 'Thanks a lot, kid'. I thought we were going to see each other again. It was kind of like, 'Hey, hey, I'll catch up with you later'”. So, make of that what you will. Fortune is, of course, trying to launch is solo career at the moment. Whether he'll get any more work with INXS after his recent comments remains to be seen

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