King Of Conspiracy - Youth Against The Empire
Album Review

King Of Conspiracy – Youth Against The Empire

Those that like their rock with a raw feel to it need look no further. Pop-rock anyway. Sometime’s it can be hard to label music to the point that an audience know what type of music you are going on about. Bands typically hate being labelled anything unless they are paying homage. Here though to use the word POP is almost an insult (especially for what stands for pop in today’s prime) but to use the words Rock and Raw might make it sound a little heavier than it actually is. But if these guys did go heavier they might actually be onto something.

For now though the sound they are working on comes thick and fast, and there doesn’t seem to be a person in the band that doesn’t bring something worthy of any session musician. A rasping Vocalist, a chaotic drummer, and string work that can’t disappoint many.

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