Filthy Dukes - Nonsense In The Dark
Album Review

Filthy Dukes – Nonsense In The Dark

Having seen the Filthy Dukes live a fair few times now. I was excited to get my sticky paws on Nonsense In The Dark. I had to know if their recorded material would make me as excited as their live sets.

Their unique brand of electro-kraut-pop translates well to record, but they are definitely a better live act. The album has an extremely eclectic mix of styles and influences which results in some interesting ventures and variations. There is definitely something for everyone. However, with so many obvious influences being included it can, at times, sound a little confused and like they are covering all bases.

Stand out tracks include Messages, singles Tupac Robot Club Rock and This Rythym and with vocal cameos from indie upstarts Orlando Weeks (The Maccabees), Samuel Dust (Late Of The Pier) and Brandon Curtis (Secret Machines) it is a veritable who’s who of ones to watch.

As a fan of the boys as DJ’s and as a band, I must admit I wasn’t disappointed with this debut offering. Nonsense In The Dark is the soundtrack to all your dark and sleazy club night dreams.

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