Mauro Picotto Interview

Cream Easter Special @ Nation – 12th April 2009

You’ve played Cream many times, what makes Cream special?

Cream is a brand that is known all over the world which has been running for so many years and this I respect a lot.

You’re one of the hottest producers of the moment, what artistes are exciting you at the moment?

There are so many really talented producers right now and some very young. To mention one would not be respectful for all the others. The new generation is very exciting for me.

Who or what has been the biggest influence?

My clubbing experience from when I was 14 is still my biggest influence, I learned so much from such an early age in dance music.

Who would you love to work with?

I don't have anyone in particular but I am always open to work with professional people within the dance industry who think like minded, who are actually doing stuff and not just talk or cheap marketing.

What have been up to lately and what can we expect from you over the next couple of months?

Well actually I am just back from a 10 day holiday in the Maldives where I have been sitting by the ocean, getting really brown and planning in my head the future of my Meganite brand. I’m also scheduling in some of my new productions which I worked on over the winter period that will tie in with the release of this years Meganite compilation and a video DVD for one of my new productions.

Which one do you enjoy the most, DJing or producing?

Its completely different but they work hand in hand. I think you have to have a time for studio and a time for DJing. I like them both honestly.

Do you have a favourite place or somewhere where you get the best reaction?

If I have a great sound system I always have a great reaction all over the world, it's not just playing big “hit” tracks that gets the best reaction. One of my favourite festivals of last year was Awakenings in Holland. Sounds, people and weather were perfect.

Is there an all-time favourite track you wish you'd produced?

In the dance music it would be Stardust – Music Sounds Better, but for me I would say anything from Kraftwerk at their peak.

What’s the single most exciting thing about dance music at the moment in your opinion?

The credit crunch, it makes everybody want to go out and have a good time!

Who’s been your favourite musician or producer that you have worked with over the years?

I have worked with at least 7 or 8 key people and I can’t choose which one would be the best, each one had a special quality that worked best for me.

Which is your personal favourite track that you’ve produced & why?

Lizard because it was a track that I did on one Monday morning with Andrea Remondini from an idea that I had in a club in Turin, my home town. The big bass was due to feedback in the club and the people reacted so much to it, so I thought I should try that in a track, then the Lizard was born! Baguette and Bangkok come closely behind as this was when I changed the sound that everyone was copying at that time.

What are your favourite production tools /gadgets?

My Macbook, it’s all I need, for studio for Djing for personal.

What’s your all time favourite tune?

With my mood today it’s got to be Tangerine Dream.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Mauro go to bed…..”

What is your top tune of the moment?

Living for the time (Technasia Remix)

Any news, updates, new productions, events, etc that you would like people to know about?

Where do I start……I’m currently finalising the plans for Meganite Ibiza, my new single plus the video, my new album, Meganite arena at Coloursfest, Meganite parties all over Europe, DJing from LA to Singapore via Europe and that's just before June this year……oh I forgot a Meganite club in Italy from September.

Mauro Picotto performs at Cream Easter Special @ Nation on Sunday 12th April, alongside David Guetta, Eddie Halliwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Dave Spoon + many more.

Nation, Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool, L1 4JJ. 10pm – 6am, Strictly no sportswear, jeans and trainers ok. Tickets on sale now £23.50+BF / link / Tel: 0844 888 4401. Info: link

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