Stevie Nicks - The Soundstage Sessions
Album Review

Stevie Nicks – The Soundstage Sessions

YAY! Stevie Nicks is still hitting the mic as well as she ever has in the past. It’s been a long time since Fleetwood Mac, and even since she went solo. So it’s important to note that she sounds just as majestic as she did at the start of her career.

This live recording has been tailored to sound like a studio recording. The live recording has been combined with studio recorded music and backing. The end product is something that is easily as accessible as her previous music.

The synth keyboards can sound very dated from time to time, but they are a part of her canon now, as much as the rock and country feel that she grasps so well.

This one may be for completeists only, but it isn’t any less a worthy addition to the collection.

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