Chairlift - Does You Inspire You
Album Review

Chairlift – Does You Inspire You

Chairlift’s debut album contains the hit ipod tune ‘bruises’ and is without a doubt the standout track. Which begs the question – where do they go from here?

Well ‘Planet Health’ comes a close second to ‘bruises’ and the chorus ‘feeling great tonight’ drives through the heart of the song and pulls the whole ode together. However the album isn’t without its patchiness and this is evident in ‘earwig town’ which is frankly mundane and boring – its trying to be all goth synth but its simply reticent in delivering the goods. ‘Somewhere around here’ has a haunting feel with some potential but it’s all rather forced and plodding.

I keep thinking of them as an indie version of morcheeba (eek!!). However giving them the benefit of the doubt and that this is their debut you sense there is some fire in those Brooklyn bellies. It’s whether they can come up with enough on their sophomore album that they are worth taking another punt on!!

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