Gallows - Manchester Academy
Live Review

Gallows – Manchester Academy

The dictionary definition of epic is ‘surpassing the usual or ordinary; heroic and impressive in quality’, and that is definitely what tonight was.

A fairly empty academy led to the start of The Ghost of a Thousand’s set, one of which was the weakest of the night, but still fantastic (that to explain just how good the night really was). The sound wasn’t great but the band kept together a high energy performance, cracking out some golden oldies and some from their album out this autumn, and from the crowd’s reaction they were loving it too!

Every Time I Die had a tough act to follow, but outshone TGOAT. After a tricky start, out of tune and out of time, they soon corrected this and pulled out an amazing set, tight riffs, great vocals and they bounced off the audience’s enthusiasm.

And then the stage was set for the almighty Gallows. Their album recently released, (on the Monday), their set was full of new songs off the album, it really was the accompanying tour, and luckily the crowd lapped it up. I’d have preferred more of the old stuff too, but front man Frank explained it; ‘we’re very proud of our new album, and that’s why we want to play it to you’. Easy. Their set was full of morals, excitement and fantastic musicianship, easily one of the best sets I’ve ever seen live. Halfway through Frank and his guitarist decided to get involved with the fans and just ran round the auditorium, still playing their song, it was funny, creative and very well executed. That’s the thing with Gallows. They are nothing original, nothing special but the do what they do so well. The whole set was like being pinned against the wall and shouted at, but as for their ending, well, if I just say there were drums, and lots of them, a soldiers march played by all members of the band and crew, so epic it sent shivers down my spine.

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