Deadmau5 Interview

You absolutely smashed it at Creamfields 10th anniversary, are you looking forward to coming back in 2009?

I was so impressed last time and am very excited about coming back this year.

You are going to be headlining the Mixmag Terrace a new stage to Creamfields 2009, what can the fans expect?

Well I don’t want to spoil the surprise but the new show is going to be incredible… Watch out for a very special new head!!

You had an amazing summer and tired up the Cream Ibiza Terrace, how was the experience for you?

Ibiza is just crazy!! Cream Terrace was so electric it was just a shame the head didn’t turn up. Thanks to BA on that 1

What do you think it is about the Cream night that sells out Amnesia week on week?

A great brand that people can trust and know they are going to have a great night with top names every week. Good music policy the 2 rooms work really well.

You have an extremely eclectic sound, where do you take your inspiration from and will you be taking the Creamfields crowds on a musical journey?

I have a very varied taste in music from boards of Canada to radio head. So I just love making music and being in the studio. Never enough!!……..I will have lots of new music by then so it’s hard to say what the journey will be.

Where did the idea come from to wear a huge Mau5 head?

I did a design of the head years ago and photoshoped it on my friend, then he said 1 day you should make this!!! So we did.

Will you be creating a new special Creamfields Mau5 head to wear for your headline set as you have been spotted with a tailor made giant Mau5 head complete with powerful strobe lighting eyes that has got your fans in a frenzy during your sets?

Yes… I can’t say any more at this stage. But it will be very special

Can you tell us a bit about your iphone application?

Well we put this together with my management team. We thought it would be good to be the first to do this and it seems to have gone down really well, we are developing it at the moment so there is another version on the way with more music and features. We feel that it’s going to be part of the future of the electronic world.

Where will you be taking the Deadmau5 brand next?

We are in talks we some big companies and are just about to launch our own clothing range with Yo.

What do you see as your main strengths as a producer?

Consistency and not just being known for just 1 kind of sound.

You are very predominant in the media for a DJ, what's the key to getting noticed?

I’m not a dj. I play live and think we put on a show. That’s it.

Is a DJ a star today? Or does he have to be more than just a DJ? What do you think of the superstar DJ phenomenon?

I’m not a dj for a start. And yes if you want to get to the top you have to keep re inventing for shows.

What has 2009 got in store for you?

Lots of really exciting stuff. A new album at the end of the year I hope.

Is there an all-time favourite track you wish you'd produced?

There are so many!! I would be here all day.

What is the most interesting comment you have heard about your music?

Lol… Now there have been some amazing things written that I can not repeat! But mainly most reviews have been great…I try not to read them though

What have you got planned for your Mau5trap label?

We have lots of release’s coming out over the summer – Brazil, word problems & I remember getting a full release with a video.

You received the accolade of producer of the year as voted for by the top 100 dj’s at the DJ mag awards, how did that feel?

Wow that’s was amazing and meant a lot coming from other producers.

What is the best thing about playing a festival for you?

The fans!! The atmosphere! Being in a field..! With out mud this year please lol

Finally, what are your festival essentials?

For Creamfields… Very big boots…in fact wadders it was that muddy last year…

Finally, could you give us a quote on Creamfields?

Creamfields is without doubt 1 of the highlights of year for me I really can’t wait to come back.

Deadmau5 headlines the Mixmag Terrace on Sunday 30th August – Bank Holiday Weekend. Tickets on sale now Tel: 0844 888 4401 / link / Info: link

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