Win Buster Shuffle  Album

Win Buster Shuffle Album

Buster Shuffle are typical East End boys, but not a typical London band. They’re not indie, or rock, they don’t hang out at the Hawley arms or pay too much attention to their hair. They are however, genuine Ska (not Ska Punk) through and through, a young Madness, a true London East End talent. They recorded this, their debut album ‘Our Night Out’ in a shared house, with the vocal recorded behind a duvet cover in the corner of a room. Some would say it was DIY these guys say Keep the Control. They turned down all the major label deals they were approached with, even after being put in the studio by a few including Island Records. They didn’t like the 360 deals offered, or what it sounded like some other labels wanted to turn them into… this band wanted to keep their roots firmly planted, and were not willing to compromise on their authentic sound.

They’ve found famous fans in Pixie’s front man Frank Black, Art Brut Lead Guitarist Ian Catskilkin (who even offered to produce their album which the band jumped at and even Maggot from Goldie Lookin’ Chain who said of the band “Don’t take this the wrong way, but my Mum would really like you and so would my girlfriend” which sums out this band. Old men in pubs, Mum’s and young girls like this band (mainly because of front man Jethro). They fit in with good old fashion dancing in dingy pubs. Basically, Buster Shuffle are bringing good old fashioned Knees Ups back…

‘Our Night Out’ is released on Monday 5th October

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