Stoney Brokes

Stoney Brokes

Streaking on a beach for a fiver, broken thumbs and French orals, new kids on the block The Stoney Brokes are beginning to raise more than a few eyebrows.

The band, although young (drummer Ollie is sitting his Leaving Cert in two months) have an impressive amount of gigs under their belts. They've already played in the Button Factory, The Village and are a regular fixture in Le Cirque on Dame Street, one of the city's best venues for showcasing new bands.

Despite their escalating popularity however, The Stoney Brokes appear to be completely unaware of just how good they actually are. Easy going seems an understatement when trying to describe this Tallaght band, they are five of the most genuinely laid back young people you are ever likely to meet.

When asked about the recording of their EP, guitarist Dan tells of how “our bassist Penny paid me and our drummer Ollie to get arse naked and just get in the sea.” Not an easy task considering the freezing temperatures over the past couple of months, but for the sake of a fiver the lads got their kits off and ran through a beach where there were “loads of kids” and plunged into the icy Irish Sea.

Musically they credit Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles for their sound but they're are mellow moments, like the beautiful 'Counting Down the Days', that bring to mind Belle and Sebastian.

When asked about their live performance lead singer Amy says that they're “often told by others that they work really well together” a statement that Glasswerk can confirm after seeing them charm a crowd in the DCU Nubar that evening.

A lack of confidence however is evident as Amy herself admits to indulging in a “few confidence glasses” before taking to the stage. Anxieties which should be completely unfounded as Amy's vocals could give Florence Welch a run for her money.

The Stoney Brokes are a band that are both a pleasure to watch and exciting to listen to, a unique treasure although they don't appear to realise it just yet. For more information, check out their Facebook page. To listen to some of their tracks check out

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