Casxio Interview

Casxio Interview

Here at Glasswerk we really loved Seventeen EP by Casxio so when we got to opportunity to have a chat with Lucas Guerin (vocals, bass) we jumped at the chance.

Congratulations on the EP release! How has it been received so far?
Most people tell me its the best Ep they have ever heard. Ever.

Do you think you're filling a niche in the market, or competing with other dance acts?
I believe we are filling a niche. I'm not quite sure yet what that niche is, but when I figure it out I'll let you know. Of course until the niche is recognized, we'll be competing with other “dance” bands.

Your song lyrics are rather tongue-in-cheek, are they born out of reality or fantasy?
Some are born from actual experience and some from observation. None of my lyrics are meant to be tongue-in-cheek. They seem quite appropriate to me.

How did you all meet and start making music together? Your backgrounds are rather diverse (Andrea's come to music from researching parasitic reproduction!)…
The story of how we met is not nearly as interesting as our respective backgrounds. I could very easily make up an interesting story for the reader:
I had been adopted at the age of four to a man and woman, whom under the guise of a loving couple stricken with the inability to bear children themselves, adopted four children from separate adoption agencies from four different states. Unbeknownst to all parties, this couple had no intention of raising these children by any standards required by law and instead had every intention of selling these children on the black market for a handsome profit. The three other children and I were confined to a small room supplied with three cots and one pillow. Which in ways was convenient because I didn't mind the floor but I simply could not sleep without a pillow. We were held in this room for around a year or so. I assumed they were having trouble finding buyers for children who were a bit on in years; potty trained and whatnot (I read a statistic years later that showed most parents prefer to potty train their own children. A point of pride I suppose). Anyhoo… one stormy night while our captors were out I managed to pick the lock on the door using our last spoonful of peanut butter and a calculator. We took off running into the night. We were tired and malnourished but we managed to get by digging through the dumpsters behind Chin Chin on Sunset Blvd. Turns out we were in Los Angeles. The other children were Zach Schrock, Andrea Choe and Eric Saez.
So that's how we met. How we started making music together is a whoooole other story…

Does being the only girl in the band mean Andrea's one of the boys?
No. She's definitely a girl.

You're planning a UK tour. Are you looking forward to it?
Yes. Oh yes, most definitely. I've never been and would love for my first time out there to be with the band.

You're often mentioned in connection with Sam Sparro. What's your relationship to him – is he a friend, fan, mentor or muse?
He is a friend, which came about from being fans of each other.

One last thing…can you lend us a fiver?
No way Jose!

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