Anarbor Interview

Anarbor Interview

Anarbor’s first visit to the UK was as part of the Give It A Name Introduces… tour. Lauren and Laura had a quick chat with Slade Echeverria (Lead vocals, bass) before the show.

GW: Where does the band name come from?
SE: In the States there’s a place called Michigan, it’s a state and in Michigan there’s a city called Anarbor and our guitarist’s family grew up there and we keep it as where we came from and keep it based on our roots. Try and keep it like it means something to us.

GW: So in the US people would know that it meant something?
SE: Right.
GW: But over here… you know?
SE: *laughs* exactly! People here have been like “what’s Anna-bar?” And we’re like “No, it’s Anarbor”

GW: So how are you enjoying being in the UK?
SE: I love it. It’s our first time so we get to drink! *Laughs* We get to go to pubs and I guess we’re going to the pub tonight, hopefully. We don’t go to pubs in America; we just go to house parties so it’s a good experience, definitely. It’s awesome; we’re having a good time.

GW: And what about the shows that you play before all the going out? How’s that?
SE: Well I guess so far they’re going really good. I mean, we weren’t expecting too much because we’ve never been here but it’s been a lot of fun. Good people, a lot of good fans in the merch area taking pictures and stuff.

GW: What’s the best city you’ve been to so far?
SE: The best venue? The O2 Academies are really, really nice. We’ve been to a bunch of them now.

GW: But where was the best crowd so far?
SE: Last night was really cool.

GW: Where were you last night?
SE: Erm… Cardiff. I hope tonight’s good though, we’ll see.

GW: It will be, we’ll be there!
SE: Of course, you’ll be there rocking out at the front. *does enthusiastic head banging/metal horns combo*

GW: I don’t think I’ve done that since about 1999! *Laughs*
SE: *laughs* We’re bringing it back!!

GW: If you got to 43 and not made it on to MTV what would you do instead?
SE: Kill myself! No I’m just kidding *laughs*. I wouldn’t be that pissed you know, we’ve already been on MTV so it’s not a big deal.

GW: But if hadn’t have worked what would you do instead?
SE: Oh, I don’t know. Play beer pong for the rest of my life. Yeah, work at McDonalds and play beer pong *laughs*.

GW: Can you lend us a fiver?
SE: What, what favour?
GW: Not a favour, a fiver!
SE: What’s a fiver? Wait you want £5 from me? I don’t have £5, I’m broke.

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