Mega Piranha Review

I know! You have all been wondering since the release of Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, where is the next film from the same creators, and when will it arrive? Well wait no longer as Mega Piranha is here. Last time we had all sorts of big fish being hunted by 80’s icon Debbie Gibson. Well this time 80’s pop icon Tiffany is here to save us from the Mega Piranha!

As before we are in cheap-ass film territory. They make a film so cheap and bad that you’ll wet yourself laughing at it with your friends and laugh you will (a highlight must be a combat veteran lying on his back using martial arts to kick piranhas in mid air as they leap from the water, or maybe a piranha so big it manages to impale itself on a lighthouse!!!)

I’m really not going to do the film any justice by explaining the ludicrous plot. Just know that there are some angry and big fish out there, big enough to clutch helicopters in their jaws. What does matter is how hilarious the results are and to be honest it is actually more ridiculous and funny than Mega-Shark. It seems this team learnt a thing or two from their last experience and managed to get a little bit more of a budget to work on. That isn’t to say that the film looks good – it doesn’t. It’s just a case of them using more effects this time round.

Looking at the extras the biggest surprise is the inclusion of a blooper reel. Seriously? Does this kind of film need a blooper reel? But yes, the trailer is here too – and yes just like the Mega Shark trailer -it is more entertaining and hilarious than the film itself.

If anything though it’s an, er, appetiser for the upcoming Piranaha 3-D which is set to be the proper cinematic piranha movie out this year.

Steven Hurst

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