The Other Guys Review

Finally, a new Will Ferrell movie that is aimed more at adults than kids. His previous effort, Land of the Lost, proved to be the biggest disaster of his career, so does The Other Guys get him back on track? The film is about a pair of New York City cops who live in the shadow of the city super-cops played by Samuel L Jackson and Dwayne Johnson. Following their amazingly hilarious demise (you simply won’t believe it) the two “other guys” make a dash for the limelight by solving the crime.

The Other Guys has Ferrell back with director Adam McKay (Anchorman & Talladega Nights fame) teamed with the sublime Mark Wahlberg as his angry partner who is known for pulling his weapon on duty with rather disastrous consequences. Ferrell himself is a cop accountant trying to escape his past and stay safe for his ridiculously hot wife played by Eva Mendes. Ultimately, the boys come together and have their moment as the bullets fly and much ridiculous action ensues.

The films opening is pure comedy gold with both Jackson and Johnson nothing short of hilarious. Ferrell and Wahlberg make for an unlikely comedy double act as Wahlberg attempts, as we do, to have any kind of rational understanding of Ferrell or his character.

On the downside, the last third of the movie relies mainly on action to move the narrative forward thus making it unfunny and ultimately a let down. Steve Coogan as a British, business slime ball is as annoying as always but does bring his usual nausea to the part.

Though not as brilliant as Anchorman and Talladega Nights this new slice of Ferrell insanity is more than worth the price of admission. Classic moments include the explanation of why a school of tuna would ultimately annihilate a group of tigers. What an orgy by homeless guys in a Toyota Prius is called and why you get a free dental dam (you may need to consult an American on this one) with the purchase of said (Ralph Nader voting) car.

Aled Jones

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