Paul Van Dyk Talks About UBrain

Paul Van Dyk Talks About UBrain

Digital Reality today announces the release of Ubrain in September

Ubrain is a first time digital tonic experience. This application based on binaural beats helps you to boost your energy, enhance your mind and change your mood while listening to your favorite music tracks.

Binaural beats were discovered in 1839 and have been used and proven scientifically since then. Binaural beats are based on broadcasting 2 different frequencies, one in each ear, resulting in a median 3rd beat. This 3rd beat becomes an attraction to your brain and encourages cerebral activity to stick to this virtual beat and carry the brain to this frequency. Although only a temporary effect, this allows control and promotes many advantageous results such as focusing, energizing, relaxing, waking up and whole brain thinking.

This app has been developed with the support of experienced scientists.

Digital Reality presented the Ubrain Application to Paul van Dyk, the globally acclaimed Grammy nominated DJ and audio architect, to test it and share his experience:

“That music effects your mood is something we all know – that binaural beats can boost these effects and increase your energy level, help to focus, or calm you down to relax was something I experienced using the Ubrain App.”

“Ubrain is designed to innovate and refine what is currently available on hardware and software for brain entrainment. Our unique technology allows for personalization to the users voice pitch, so that Ubrain beats will adapt to your own pitch for a better experience. Ubrain was designed to be ergonomic and fun to make better use of your brain, time and energy. By asking your situation “I am” and what you are feeling with “I Feel”, Ubrain helps you determine what you “want” your mood to be. Finally listening to Ubrain beats with your own music gives you the chance to listen to your music differently, and have a personal experience that you can share with the Ubraintonic community.” says Risa Cohen, Producer Ubrain.

Ubrain launched worldwide on September 10th at £2,99

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