Dream Home Review

Another title that made its debut at this year’s Frightfest. Dream Home is perhaps one of the more subliminal horrors of that festival in that it makes for a very graphic tone, but isn’t without its subtext.

Here we have Cheng Lai-Sheung working hard to raise funds for her dream home. The home in question is within an apartment block overlooking the Victoria Harbour. But all seems to fall apart when the price for accommodation goes way up beyond her affordability.

Her solution to her problem: start slaughtering the current residents of course. Yes we are in looney tunes territory here, but it’s also quite graphically brutal in one woman’s efforts to secure herself a place in the world. Honestly some of us will go to extreme lengths in order to get what we want and be happy in this life.

The tone of the murders are sometimes perhaps a little too over the top and the focus is perhaps a little bit too much put on them, but if you like to be disturbed then this won’t fail you. The film as a whole is very impressionable and comes with a rather blackly comic climax that leaves a bit of a chuckle.

Steven Hurst

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