Sunday Girl Interview

Sunday Girl Interview

Sunday Girl is a new up and coming artist who has been gaining some good attention lately. Glasswerk caught up with her just before her support show for Ellie Goulding.

Glasswerk: How're you?

Sunday Girl: I'm good thanks.

G: Is Ellie Goulding the biggest act you've supported in your career so far?

S: I haven't really done a tour before but it's been really fun.

G: Is this a totally new experience for you?

S: Yes definately because I've never been on tour before. It's all new and the idea of being away from home with your band is really fun.

G: What kind of shows have you done before?

S: Just festivals so far. Last year we did Bestival and Wireless.

G: How have they been?

S: Really good but you can't go have a drink and go mad because you have to sing.

G: How has the reception at the festivals been?

S: They've been nice. It's completely different at festivals because Ellie's crowd is quite young and they're really keen to like which is quite good.

G: Is this the only show you're doing with Ellie or have you got any more?

S: I'm doing some around Christmas which are a few little things in London.

G: Where did you get the name Sunday Girl from?

S: The name came from working in a pet shop for five years and no one knew my name and I was nicknamed Sunday Girl.

G: Have you got any releases coming out?

S: We have released a few tracks like Four Floors and Self Control but the proper single is out in January which is Stop Hey.

G: When is the album out?

S: It is out in March.

G: How did you make it to where you are now?

S: I got into loads of different bands and I sang in a club in London one night. One guy came up and asked if he could manage me. I started song writing and I wrote Stop Hey. An A & R at my label Geffen had been keeping an eye on me for a year. I wrote that song and he said “”Let's find a deal.””

G: Have you had a nice boost of fame in the last few months?

S: Not really. I don't really get recognised which I'm quite enjoying. It's quite nice on tour because I get to meet my new fans hopefully.

G: Are you worried if you do get big?

S: It's a weird thing. I suppose it's not if you look at people like Ellie but I think everyone takes it differently.

G: How has Ellie been?

S: She's been really nice. She's busy all the time but very friendly.

G: Have you been busy on tour?

S: I've had a lot of interviews and I might be DJ'ing in Berlin.

G: Do you do a lot around Europe?

S: No. I went to Copenhagen a while to do a DJ set but nothing abroad yet.

G: Any plans for the start of the New Year?

S: The new single and albums out so I've been doing alot of promo work but that's about it really.

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