Call of Duty: Black Ops Online Multiplayer

If you have played the earlier editions of Call of Duty, it doesn’t compare to Black Ops in terms of online gaming. Black Ops multiplayer is simply brilliant, refining and innovates Modern Warfare 2’s solid base into something astonishing. Treyarch (CoD 3, CoD 5 World at War and CoD Black Ops) has simply crushed Infinity Ward (Call of Duty 1 and 2, Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2) to become the premier Call of Duty multiplayer developer. With all-new Wager matches Theatre Mode and Combat Training it is a game too buy.

Wager matches are free-for-all matches in which you gamble for CoD points. The modes within this are: 

One in a chamber- You start off with three lives and a pistol with only one bullet. When you kill an opponent you gain another bullet. When you miss a shot you only have a knife to accompany you.

Sharpshooter- In this mode, the game cycles through different weapons and attachments as long as you are alive after each set time limit.

Stick and Stones- It is a simple game with simple rules. You are equipped with a crossbow, a ballistic knife and a tomahawk. You aim to kill each other with these weapons. You will need to save your ammo because they go quickly!

Gun Game- The gun game is also simple. Every player starts with a pistol and when you kill an opponent, your gun is upgraded to a better gun. However if you die, you start with the gun you had before.

The shortfalls are that the 20 killstreak rewards have been reduced to 15 and the deathstreaks, which gave the less skilled online players a bit of help, have gone completely.

To compensate for this latter omission, Black Ops contains a mode called Combat Training which trains you up however there is a downside in that there are levels for it. So it doesn’t count on your online multiplayer level.

Treyarch has brought excellence to the world’s most addictive online console game.

When you level up for the first time and unlock a gun, you will be pretty shocked that when you try and get a gun, you will need to buy it with CoD points. The CoD points are generously given out in any game mode.

Black Ops offers you the best maps that can be offered, such as Summit, WMD, Nuketown, Launch and Havana. These maps compare to some of the Modern Warfare 2 maps like WMD-Underpass, Summit-Afghan, Nuketown-Rust and Havana is very much like Favela. The fact that they have thought of this is very intelligent as they have thought about the maps more than the guns.

Now with CoD being about war, I’d better start telling you about the weapons.

I mostly use the AK74U, it doesn’t need skill; just hold the trigger and be trigger happy. It is a very dominant gun compared to the Famas, and the Commando.  I guarantee the average Black Ops gamer’s favorite gun would be the AK74U.

The L9A1 is the best sniper to use, especially if you are into quick scoping, this is a gun which is very powerful and accurate to use.

The best Secondary weapon is the Python especially a duel wield one as it is semi-automatic.


As this game was made by Treyarch (who made CoD World at War that had zombies included in it), you need to have Zombies. With all new bigger and better maps, it’ll make your Zombie experience that much more exciting. Kino Der Toten is one of the bigger maps with teleportation devices and Five is a lot like Der Rise from CoD World at War. It can get pretty frustrating when teammates lock you out of the elevator. As you can tell Five is a more modern map and it has a story behind it.

When you have enough points you can buy different guns, you get better guns by continuing through rounds. If you are playing with four players there will be four times the amount of zombies as there would be when you are playing on your own. The Zombies in Black Ops is a lot better than the CoD World at War.

If you like CoD games then this is the game for you. Although the online business can get boring, it is an amazing game with great maps.

Aidan Tulloch

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