Deadpool Faces Fear Itself!

This June, brace yourself for Fear Itself: Deadpool #1 (of 3) as award-winning writer Christopher Hastings (Dr. McNinja) and fan favorite artist Bong Dazo throw Deadpool right into the thick of Fear Itself, the blockbuster comics event of the year! When the Marvel Universe was under attack from the Skrulls – Wade Wilson answered the call to save the World, but can Deadpool be of any help against the God of Fear? If there’s money to be made, you can bet he’ll try. When the Serpent terrorizes the Marvel Universe with his unstoppable army and leave Earth’s Mightiest battered and bruised, all hope lies in…Deadpool?

“Fear Itself is a story with tremendous gravity and emotional heft. Matt Fraction’s doing an amazing job of tapping into the real fears of everyday people, and retelling them through the troubles of the Marvel heroes,” explains writer Christopher Hastings. “Of course this means its all the more fun to bring in the clown with a gun! Deadpool is my favorite Marvel character, and I’m so excited to write for him. This mini is going to be a lot of fun, the way that Deadpool knows fun. A gratuitous number of explosions are guaranteed!”

Can Wade get his hands on one of the Worthy’s hammers or will he just head to the hardware store and pick himself up a substitute? Either way, it will definitely affect his bank account because; this June Deadpool faces the full fury of horror in Fear Itself: Deadpool

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