Real Life Dragon Attacks London Shoppers

Ok so we lied. But! Shoppers across the UK’s high streets were shocked this week to see a procession of giant lizards delivering copies of a new video game to retailers prior to its release.

The nine-foot long ‘dragons’ took copies of Dragon Age 2, released on Friday 11th March, to stores in medieval-style carts to ensure the safe delivery of the first batch of new games.

Dragon handler and expert Trevor Smith commented: “At nine-foot long and weighing around seven stones each, these giant reptiles were trained very carefully to ensure they could safely deliver the games to stores in time for its release this week.

“I think it definitely surprised a few passers-by to suddenly see such an unusual creature stalking the streets!”

Sophie Orlando from Dragon Age 2 publishers Electronic Arts added: “Dragon Age 2 is set to be a big release for this year and we wanted to ensure that the games reached their destination in a unique fashion – and what better way of protecting this game than by the nearest living animal to the fire-breathing dragons featured in the title.”

Trevor Smith and his handlers at Animals Work have had over 20 years experience with water monitor lizards and have supplied the animals to the film and TV industry.

Dragon Age 2 is released on Friday 11th March and is available on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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