Sucker Punch Soundtrack Review

Sucker Punch will be with us in a matter of weeks, but ahead of this we bring you word on the music within the film.

At first glance you’d be suspicious of the song names looking like an obvious and lazy effort to throw together a track listing for what is essentially a weird action movie for girls. But most of these songs are covers or alternate versions of the original and on a few tracks, one of the leading ladies, Emily Browning, has taken on vocal duties (and acquits herself very well). What we end up with is a collection of twinkly tunes gone industrial that looks set to slip in beautifully with Zack Snyder’s upcoming film.

The downside?  Well yes it is a cliché track list. So despite how well they are covered they are still going to scare a few sceptics away on glance only. It isn’t hard to hunt out some lesser known tunes instead (and perhaps given them a bit of rejuvenation). But this is the big Hollywood machine, and their need to sell is like food. The first bite is in the taste, so they need something familiar to the masses.

But those that couldn’t care less, and enjoy these songs then it’s a chance to hear them, recorded and mixed in a way that does make them seem like they belong together as a collective. Which if anything may well speak volumes for the film having a bit of coherence to it.

It is also a bit on the short side, being only 9 tracks long. But it is a blurred trippy journey getting through these tracks. The fact that the majority have a psychedelic charge to them is no mistake, and put them on the plus side of adding to anyone’s shopping list.

Steven Hurst

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