BFI Classics: Seven

Author: Richard Dyer

Another great release – and truly for fans of the film who want to read more into the subtext. Religion is the main order of the day and Dyer takes even some of the smallest scenes, be it a dreary looking crime scene, a suspect’s apartment, or even the local library, and tears down the netting that David Fincher has strung up for us, looking into much of the subliminal messages therein.

This book is easily a high point of the Classics series as it does the job of following the narrative – but goes beyond the call of duty and gives you so many nuggets of information – and some clever spoon-feeding of film theory.

Richard Dyer is so into this film that he even contributed as host and partook in the commentaries on the film’s disc release. He really understands the visual subtext of the film and lays out the religious aspects of the film thickly.

In fact, the only thing threatening to overshadow this film is Fincher’s career itself.  He topped many efforts with Fight Club, and since then has Oscar baited with the likes of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Social Network. If he doesn’t slow down we may never get a chance to look back and enjoy the jewels he has left behind him.

Steven Hurst

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