BFI Classics: The Thing

Author: Anne Bilson

Anne Bilson is kind of stating the obvious that The Thing is underappreciated, but she goes on to built an argument that pinpoints some very observant and interesting ideas within the context of the film: The Thing as Bio-weapon, or even warning against infection, virus and biological threat.

Her main opening chapter fills in the background to the story first and then the film – which may or may not give avid fans some extra notes.

After that it is time to go through the narrative looking at the story and the characters with occasional leaps out of the film (some times to talk topically, and at others to compare to other films be it other contemporary classics like Alien, or even the original Thing From Another World). Let us also not forget the fact that the film has had a great influence on projects that followed (Yup!  That includes Red Dwarf).

Another top job on a BFI Classic and worthy companion to the film for any academic or fan of the film. Bilson keeps a good balance between revisiting the subject matter and drawing comparison.

Steven Hurst

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