Manga Entertainment Celebrates 20 Years


Manga Entertainment, the UK’s leading purveyor of Japanese animation (or “anime”), celebrates two decades as film producers, market leaders and video distributors for such acclaimed animation classics as Akira, Bleach and Death Note.

The first and best anime distributor in the UK, Manga Entertainment remains at the forefront of modern media, part of a whirlpool of social networking trends and new forms of fun.

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Akira on UK video, Manga Entertainment is releasing Katsuhiro Otomo’s classic in an all-new Blu-ray edition. But that’s not all!

• Uniqlo team assemble! Manga Entertainment joins forces with Japanese clothes company Uniqlo to help promote their line of T-shirts based on popular anime characters.

• Manga Entertainment is a sponsor and participant in We Love Anime, a nationwide tour of UK cinemas, including Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cardiff and Leeds.

• Manga Entertainment rolls out a new social networking hub in the spring, including news updates, anime features, sneak previews and music coverage.

• Look out for us at the next London Expo in the spring, at the centre of the “Anime Village”, and at the Japan Underground club nights.

• Coming in 2011 from Manga Entertainment: samurai swordsmen, sci-fi racing cars, alien apocalypse, time-travelling schoolgirls, vampire societies and… HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD

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