L.A. Noire Strategy Guide Review

L.A. Noire came along just when some of us were wonder just what the hell Rockstar were up to.  And whilst we toy with the idea of another Red Dead Redemption sequel (or if they have any brains – doing a full-on Leone/Eastwood version) and of course, GTA 5. But L.A. Noire is here, and the game itself comes in a world that perhaps is too big for the story contained within it!

A decent enough story that ties together several of the cases you work on throughout the game as you work your way up the ranks as a detective in a post-war LA.

BradyGames have done their usual high effort job on the official strategy guide.  For those of us that need a helping hand, or just hate to get anything wrong and need to find every tiny little detail within a game, then the BradyGame guide is for you.

Beautifully illustrated and working through the game from start to finish you will find no stone unturned. The cases are all laid out with the right places to seek evidence and information, as well as the right answers to select when interviewing suspects.  It’s a tricky tightrope to be on when having to determine if someone is telling the truth, a lie or is in doubt.

There is also the list of vehicles you can drive listed, and all of the collectables within the game such as the newspapers and film reels. All pointed out on decorative maps.

Of course if you don’t want the plot spoilt for you then you are best to give the game ago itself without help and refer to the guide specifically for when you get into trouble.

Steven Hurst

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