Rapper-Come-Comedian Doc Brown Talks All Things Latitude

Rapper-Come-Comedian Doc Brown Talks All Things Latitude

London rap funnyman Doc Brown – aka Ben Smith – lines up in the Comedy Arena at Latitude this year, and he's had his ear bent with questions regarding his thoughts ahead of the upcoming festival…

Who is your ‘must see’ performance at Latitude this year?
I'd love to see Keith Allen stomping around swearing at everybody again, but unfortunately I don't think he's there this year so I'll settle for Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan.

Not including items used in your performance, what is your ‘must-have’ festival item?
The artists' toilet.

Do you have anything special planned for your performance at Latitude?
Same as ever- don't be shit.

If you could have anyone (dead or alive) to introduce you onstage who would it be (and why)?
I'd get David Cameron to introduce me, that way every member of the crowd would be so desperate for an alternative I couldn't fail but have a great gig.

If you have been to Latitude before what was your favourite memory, performance or special spot on site?
Definitely 2009, opening my family tent for the first time ever, in the rain, as it was starting to get dark and reading the warning inside: “REMEMBER TO PRACTICE ERECTING YOUR TENT BEFORE YOUR VACATION”. If it wasn't for two 18 year olds from Hackney taking pity on me and putting my tent up for me, my wife, my kids and I would have spent our first night basking in the joys of hypothermia.

More information about this year's Latitude Festival can be found by following this link.


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