Hanna Soundtrack Review

Last year Daft Punk brought their stylised renderings to the Tron Legacy. This year The Chemical Brothers have done one of their own scores for Joe Wright’s Hanna. This young assassin flick has the privilege of gaining a modern soundtrack.

The Chemical Brothers score is far more layered though offering a wide variety of themes and moods for the film. This isn’t a hyperspace thriller, but set in the real world with many more real life characters. The quality here ranges from very simplistic sounding childlike melodies to Middle Eastern influenced synth tracks – and sometimes the two come together beautifully.

The soundtrack works well as perhaps a standalone album as well as very few tracks here services purely for film mood and can easily stand up as instrumental tracks on their own. In fact tracks like “Quayside Synthesis” you wish would go on a little longer as they are so strong.

It isn’t hard though to detect which are the character building tracks and which are the action ones. Either way it is still an exciting journey of sound. The Chemical Brothers are more than welcome to do another!

Steven Hurst


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